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Welcome to DD Secuirty Service !

The rationale behind the establishment of the Company and philosophy is to ensure maximum security together with the flexibility for the services that we provide. Quality is delivered by the team of highly trained personnel who will share an equal understanding and commitment with the Company to establish a secure and friendly environment.
Appropriate policy, education, training, guidance and facilities motivate our personnel within the system and are the key to generate quality services. At DD Security, we provide services with integrity, reliability and trustworthiness. Practice of quality and continuous improvement philosophy that the system can encompass helps us to define and improve our services.
The flow of on-time information and effective communication through our central monitoring system ensures smooth running and response required in the event of any potential problems. Our management team will be in regular contact to provide a problem free assignment and should any problem arise, it will be dealt without any disruption to your daily activity.

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