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Key Management

Devendra Bajgai
Devendra Bajgai

Executive Chairman

  • More than 20 years of professional experience in business development and leadership, strategic planning, investment deal, project management and consultancy
  • Holds the chairmanship of more than ten companies in Nepal and abroad. 
Pema Tshering Yonjan
Pema Tshering Yonjan
  • Long service in Nepal Army
  • More than 35 years of expericence in security field.
  • Expert in Security Training.
  • Very good public relation with various agencies.


Sunita KC
Sunita KC
Chief Executive Officer
  • Highly skilled in process with business managemet and organization system optimization.
  • Expert, project management, management consulting and business leadership.
  • She holds 13 years of national and international experience in the field of administration strategic planning and project management.      


Brigadier General (Retd) Bijaya Kumar Shahi
Brigadier General (Retd) Babu Krishna Karki
Business Development Director
  • 35 years service in Nepal Army.
  • Founder and instructor of speical forces.
  • Rescue expert in disaster situation.
  • Proven intelligent officer reinforced with VVIP security and close protection duties.
  • Resilient leader and problem solver in complex and adverse situation.
  • International training and UN mission exposure.
  • Environment protection passion.


Deepak Acharya
Mr. Deepak Acharya
  • 25 years' experience in tourism and golfing.
  • Good public relations and business networking.


Senior Superintendent of Police (Retd.) Mr. Rajendra Dhakal
Senior Superintendent of Police (Retd.) Mr. Rajendra Dhakal
  • Long service in Nepal Police and command experience in various level.
  • International training and UN mission exposure Intelligence, analysis and investigation experiences.
  • Human right and legal experts.


Lieutenant Colonel (Retd.) Ramji Thapa
Chief Instructor
  • Experiences in private security field.
  • Field experiences on training and exercises in Nepal and beyond.
  • Staff duties on intelligence, operation and logistics
  • Command experiences in various level.
  • Chief instructior in Army and private security services.
  • UN and international training exposure.


DSP Madan Krishna KC (Retd.)
Operation Manager
  • 35 years' work experience out of which 28 years in Nepal Police
    and 2 years UN peace Security.
  • 5 Years in Private Security Company.
  • Professional skills through various training like, Commando Training,
    Investigation Training, VVIP Security Training,
    Hospital Security Training, Disaster Management Training.


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