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Basic Security Training

DD Security Service provides Basic Security Training for all security personnel as international standards for private security. We train our trainees in CTEVT(Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training) (Nepal) recommend Course to deploy our Security Personnel in Nepalese market context. Basic training mainly covers the general subjects of private security.

The module of teaching is theory in class and practical as well in ground. We do use audio- visual means of teaching for our guards. We also use Online training in our specialized training. We have the highly qualified instructor from ex- service men from Nepal army and police force as well as experienced personnel from International Security Sector. A comprehensive syllabus has been prepared for the training. The duration of training is 36 credit hours. The main subject of basic training is as follows:

  • Physical Training, Unarmed Combat (UC) and Drill.
  • Private Security.
  • Communication Procedure and Use of Radio Sets.
  • Access Control.
  • Searching.
  • Dealing with Emergency Situations.
  • Fire and Firefighting Procedure.
  • Surveillance System.
  • Patrolling Procedure.
  • Reporting system.
  • First Aid.

Specialize Security Training

We provide the specialized security training to our selected guards as per the requirement and demand of our clients in specific sectors. We do provide special training in following sectors:

Module of Teaching

Module of Teaching

Theory Class

The training program holds theoretical classes to provide theoretical knowledge and understanding about the training as a whole. About 60% of the total duration has been allocated for the theoretical classes. The classes cover a broader knowledge related to basic security as per basic training syllabus.


Practical Class

The program requires the actual practice to work in the field using the theoretical knowledge. Almost 40% of the total curriculum holds practical classes that guide trainees towards perfection and ready to be placed on job. Normally the practical knowledge will be provide for physical training (like PT, UC, Drill etc), searching and patrolling procedure in the ground.


Online Class

The exposure to the online system to the trainees in today's world is essential and almost undeniable. Thus our websites and learning portals provides access to the trainees of specialized training to learn online, so that they can be updated through different practical problems and digital Medias about their everyday nature of job.



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