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Security services

DD Security carry out a full risk assessment and security analysis of task site prior to commence security service. We deploy our guards in static and mobile duty to protect personnel, property and information.

We ensures our security guards are fully familiar with site and the surrounding area and they are fully experienced and trained. Security guards always wear a smart uniform with our logo. We also ensure the right guards with subjective knowledge of working area. During recruiting process our top priority goes to ex-security service personnel. However, we provide extensive induction security training to general public to prepare for security guard. Our security company is ISO certified organization. Our guards are highly trained for access control by manually and electronically.

We provide our security service in following fields:

  • Banking and finance Sector.
  • Embassies and Diplomatic Corps.
  • Hotel and hospitality Sector.
  • Hospital and medical Sector.
  • Education Sector.
  • Residential Complex Security.
  • Installation security.
  • Warehouses Security.
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Sector.
  • Laboratories Security.
  • Parking Area Security
  • Construction / project sites Sector.
  • Aviation Security.
  • Airport Security.
  • Film, Radio and television studios Security.
  • INGO /NGO Security.
  • Corporate Security & reception duties.
  • Event Security services.
  • Body Guard (PSO)
  • Bouncer.
  • Mobile Security.
  • Quick Responses Team (QRT).


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